C.W. Yarbrough For over 50 years, pipeline companies, service contractors, and pipeline engineers have turned to C.W. Yarbrough for advice on the proper design and use of spheres, cups, discs and other quality maintenance products. The name Yarbrough and spheres are practically the same. In 1952, C.W. Yarbrough developed the first sphere ever used. The sphere was first used by Shell Pipeline Company running from St. Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois.

As the Company's reputation for outstanding service, attention to detail and competitive pricing grew, Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc. has expanded into other associated pipeline maintenance products including line markers, foam pigs, detectors and end-seals.

As demands from the pipeline industry increased, Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc. developed new products to meet these challenges. Recently, the company introduced a new line of spheres, featuring the C.W. Compound. This proprietary compound was developed to keep spheres flexible in Cold Weather. Recent field tests have shown the compound to have:

Pipeline Spheres

No other sphere on the market today will outlast our new C.W. sphere compound.

The new C.W. Blue Sphere compound works very well in all blends, both gasoline MTBE and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels (ULSDF) with Ethanol blends. When ULSDF diesel becomes the new standard, we have the correct, recommended sphere for your service.

Today, the tradition continues as Mike Yarbrough has joined the company. Mike Yarbrough's mission is to grow the company by expanding into new markets and developing new products. So, the next time that you have a need for a sphere, cup, disc, or any other quality products, please give us a call at 281-851-6593 or 1-877-243-2703.

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