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Pipeline Spheres Q1: Pipeline Spheres from Yarbrough come in all colors and sizes. What do these colors mean?

A1: The colors represent traditional service applications in which the spheres are used. While the chart below is not all inclusive, some of the more typical applications are listed.

Sphere Color Sphere Application
Yellow Meter Prover Service
Green Pipeline Cleaning Service
Blue MTBE, Ethanol, Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSDF)
Red High Pressure Gas Service
Orange Distillate Removal for GPS
Gray Extreme Low Temperature Service
Black De-water, hydro test, water draw calibrations, and batch separations

Pipe Schedual Chart Q2: Do you have a sizing chart for spheres?

A2: Yes, the pipe schedule (Chart 1) will help you to determine the diameter of the sphere for your specific pipe. The figures in red are the inside diameter (ID). These are the figures that we need to know when ordering spheres. You may also provide the outside diameter of your pipe. (O.D.) and the schedule. We can use either measurement to determine the correct size sphere for your application. As a general rule, pipe inside a refinery will use schedule 60 or 80, while transport pipe outside the refinery will be schedule 40. Meter provers could be either schedule, so you must provide the pipe schedule in which the sphere will be used.

Inflation Tools and Pump Q3: How do I correctly size a pipeline sphere?

A3: All spheres should be sized with either water or 50:50 mixture of water and antifreeze (glycol). Spheres that will never be used in freezing weather should use plain water. Spheres that will be used in freezing weather (or colder) should use the 50:50 water and antifreeze mixture. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL AIR BE REMOVED OUT OF THE SPHERE AFTER INFLATING WITH LIQUID. Any air left in the sphere will cause meter reading problems.

We recommend most spheres be sized 2% above the pipe I.D. In some situations, 1 1/2% may be better for higher durometer spheres in L.P.G. services. Some customers inflate the sphere 3 or 4% above the pipe I.D. for batch separation.

Quality Control Manager Q4: What if I need a size not shown or I have a new special application?

A4: If you need a special sized sphere, we will assist you in developing a new sphere mold for your specific application. We have a new, modern machine shop that can build most molds. Molds above 30" are made by outside, skilled vendors.

Q5: Do you have a chart that gives Scraper Cup specifications?

A5: Yes, Chart 2 shows our standard sizes for scraper cups and discs. Pipeline Scraper Cut Data For sizes not shown, or for custom specifications, please call, fax or e-mail us with your requirements. If the tooling is not currently available, we will quote new tooling and piece price for your consideration.

Q6: What's new at Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc.?

A6: Our latest and best polyurethane sphere compound, the new C.W. COMPOUND is formulated for tough, high aromatic meter prover and crude pipeline service. Want proof - click here Crushed Sphere. We do have a modified C.W. COMPOUND for high pressure gas service that is used to clean paraffin and condensate liquids out of gas pipelines. When ordering spheres, please tell us the service in which the sphere will be used: meter prover, crude, L.P,G. high pressure gas, ultra-low sulfur diesel or product separation (batch).

Q7: Is the C.W. sphere a premium priced sphere?

A7: No, it is not a premium price sphere. It was originally developed specifically for Cold Weather applications, but it's proprietary formulation allows it to stand up to the most challenging sphere applications and at a lower price.

Remember, the new C.W. COMPOUND is designed to have:


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