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Thank you for visiting our web page. Although we offer several pipeline products, our major product line is Pipeline Spheres. The name Yarbrough and Spheres are practically the same. For over 50 years, pipeline companies, service contractors, and pipeline engineers have turned to C.W. Yarbrough for advice on the proper design and use of spheres, cups, discs, and other quality maintenance products. You may ask, "Why Yarbrough Spheres?"

We are unique in the sphere business because:

C.W. Yarbrough sitting at desk No one has more experience in design, manufacturing, and marketing of pipeline spheres. President and C.E.O., C.W. Yarbrough, developed the first sphere ever used in a pipeline. The sphere was used in Shell's Pipeline from St. Louis, Mo. to Chicago, Ill in 1952.

Yarbrough developed the first "blue sphere" for MTBE and Ethanol service for Teppco. This blue sphere will work in the new ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSDF) as well as in Ethanol blends-both diesel and gasoline.

C.W. developed the first one-piece sphere line 30 yrs ago at Maloney. After extensive field testing, they were dropped from the product line because they offered no advantage over two piece spheres. Also, because of higher manufacturing costs, one-piece spheres have much higher sales prices than two piece spheres.

Yarbrough supplied the first new LARGE VALVES in spheres. The new valve has a larger hole that can be filled with a standard garden hose. The hole, which is molded into the sphere, is the same size as standard sphere valves. After the sphere is filled with the proper fluid, it can be sized using the existing tools that are now used for sizing purposes. The main advantages of our new design are:

It allows the sphere to be filled very fast with a standard garden hose.

The larger o-ring eliminates the torque problem that occurs with the smaller o-ring which is used world wide.

Customers sometimes need heavier spheres. Our new valve allows much faster shot addition.

All of our spheres 14" - 36" are now supplied with this style valve.

Yarbrough Elastomer Services Building

Since 1952, C.W. Yarbrough has been associated in various capacities with major sphere companies including Maloney Co., Yarbrough Elastomer Services, Yarbrough Elastomer Products, PECO, FMC, Cam Specialty Products and Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc.

Yarbrough Pipeline Products No other supplier has a broader product line of pipeline spheres than Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc. We offer several types of Prover spheres, including neoprene. We also stock spheres for gas service, cleaning pipelines, distillate removal, crude service, L.P.G. service, and spheres for batch separation. Low friction (LF) spheres are also available for L.P.G., dry prover service.

Another factor making Yarbrough Pipeline Products, Inc. unique is the fact that we supply a custom compound for most of the applications mentioned above. We have in-house chemists who will formulate a specific compound for your application, if required. An example of our capabilities is the new C.W. Compound formulated for Explorer Pipeline. After several years of testing, Explorer now uses our C.W. Compound in all terminals from Port Arthur to Houston to Hammond, Ind. The best news is that the C.W. Compound is not a premium priced sphere. In fact, it is lower in cost than most competitive spheres.

In summary, no one has more firsts in the pipeline sphere business than Yarbrough, who:

Mike and C.W. Yarbrough In keeping with the Yarbrough tradition, Mike Yarbrough, has joined the company as Vice-President of Marketing. He is expanding our marketing efforts through Global Representatives. He is also looking at other products that will fit with existing product lines to enhance our Marketing capabilities. While efforts to market our products in South America are growing very nicely, attention is now being turned to Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia.


PHONE: 1-877-243-2703

Remember NO SPHERE on the market will outlast our new C.W. COMPOUND. Competitor's spheres only cost more!! For additional information, please contact:

10610 Whisper Willow
The Woodlands, TX, 77380


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