Spheres for meter prover service are used to determine volume displacement and test the accuracy of flow meters.

Spheres for crude oil service are used to clean the pipeline of paraffin and distillate removal. Neoprene can be used for this service but our experience has shown that urethane, our new C.W. COMPOUND, will last longer.

Crushed Sphere

Spheres are also used in diesel service. The new ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel must be kept extremely clean and cannot be contaminated with other petroleum products in the pipeline. This requires the use of at least two spheres on both ends of the batch moving through a pipeline. Our new C.W. COMPOUND Blue Sphere or Black Neoprene Spheres are recommended for this service, depending on the distance the spheres are expected to travel. For meter prover service, our Blue C.W. SPHERES are highly recommended because there is less swelling in petroleum products. Want Proof? Click here.

Pipeline Sphere Sizing Chart

Spheres for gas pipelines-Our red G.P.S. spheres are used in high pressure gas pipelines, above 500PSI. They are formulated differently than all other spheres to minimize the effects of methane gas penetration. They are used to clean paraffin and distillate out of pipelines. Compared to other pipeline spheres, they are higher in durometer-approximately 80-85 duro.

Spheres for air and water removal-Urethane, Neoprene or Natural Rubber may be used to remove water, purge air or internally coat the pipeline. Our G.P.S. spheres are used the most because of the lower cost.

For a Pipeline Sphere sizing chart click here.

Pipeline Spheres Prover Sphere

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